About Us

Hi there! I’m Brook.

A military wife and mom of two boys and a big fur baby named Remy.
My husband and I have been married for 9 years and have been through two deployments. This last deployment is when I had started a blog. My main goal at the time was to bring awareness to our community. We don’t live on or near a base but there are many families across this country that still live that military life. I had no idea at the time that on top of a deployment I would be living through a pandemic. I know what you’re thinking! Where’s the wine??
I opened up to the whole world with topics that are uncomfortable. Loving yourself, empowering yourself and others. Leading with self beauty and a passion to empower. How to survive a deployment. What being a military wife is like. My blog has given me opportunities that I never thought was possible.
For those that don’t know me. I have a huge passion for earrings. My favorite outfit in the world is a pair of jeans, T-shirt, and a good
pair of earrings. Being able to combine my love for my husband and what he does is the coolest thing. These are more than earrings. They’re a commodore. They’re strength. They’re freedom. They’re love for one another. They’re imperfect. They’re worn. They’ve seen the world. They’ve fought for us. ⁣Every piece of jewelry has it’s own story. Every piece was made with love and the utmost respect. ⁣And now we are branching out to new and more fabulous things!
So from my family to yours, welcome!
Thank you for checking out my business and I hope you stick around to see all the amazing things that are about to happen!
With strength and love,