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No one or nothing can prepare you for every feeling you will experience. There’s no way to. You will have your highs. An inside joke hits you, a song comes on and takes you back, thoughts and memories do nothing but make you smile and keep your heart so full. You have your lows, then a whole other level of lows. Ones where you can’t breathe when it actually hits you. Ones where you feel like you’re in a dream, like you’re in quicksand, and you think to yourself how the hell am I going to do this? Throw two boys into the mix. One 15, his second rodeo but surely doesn’t make it any easier. He is the man of the house now. The chores stack up on top of school, friends, social life, sports, and just being an everyday teen. Then a 2 year old who is the spitting image down to personality of his father. The terrible twos, the potty training, but also the learning and growing into his own is missed by his daddy. And asks all day every day about daddy. No one ever said deployments are easy and if they did, they are so damn full of it!

Hey all! I’m Brook. The mother of two amazing boys with a badass husband who is currently deployed. This is our second deployment. After a few years out of the Marine Corps, he joined the army reserves. He knew his duty wasn’t quite finished yet. I admire him so much for putting others above himself. I have a real life G.I. Joe. And seeing his hot ass in uniform is a perk! He also has a career outside of his military career. I’ve never met a more selfless, motivated, funny, goal driven, loving man. He’s honestly the whole package. I don’t know what I did to get so lucky to be his wife.

My oldest was 7 during our first deployment and I was in finance at the time. Brandon and I had school and work to distract us. The days were still so long. I remember I would go to bed early just so the day was done and I was a day closer to being with my husband. Family get togethers, planning care packages, events, daydreaming of his homecoming, letters, emails, time with friends, anything we could do to get the time to go fast. Surprising Brandon with an early dismissal for the homecoming was the absolute best!! It was so hard keeping all of my emotions together while telling Brandon he had an appointment I forgot about. I smile so much when I think of that day.

This is our first deployment with a toddler! My boss now is a 2 year old so this is certainly different. Our days are filled with stories, videos, and pictures of Daddy. We also like taking so many pictures and videos to send. Korvin is a ham so they’re always entertaining. He is a lot more demanding and I have less breaks with him being a stay at home mom but I love watching him grow and so thankful I have that opportunity. There are moments that I don’t even have time to think about what is going on. My feelings and emotions have been on the back burner a lot with making sure Korvin has everything at home as normal as possible while Daddy is away working. Which as a mother, you’re always putting everyone else’s needs before your own. #momlife

Whether you’re a military spouse, wife, mother, friend, goal driven, fitness motivated, funny and charismatic, you’re in the right place! We will get along just fine. I look forward to sharing personal stories and events with you. Some wholesome and PG, some funny, some sad, some not so PG, and some very open and personal. I’m so excited to share this journey with you!

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